Sunday, 29 August 2010

What a night!

A night full of surprises, I'll only focus on the bigger matches -

Kenny Florian loses by decision to Maynard? Did not expect that, Florian looked great coming into this fight and has always shown dominance in his previous bouts, I've got no idea how he managed to lose this one. Maynard will be getting a title shot against Edgar later this year.

Toney v Couture was almost exactly how I and millions others predicted; takedown, ground and pound and then a submission. Toney began with a low boxers stance and had his arms relatively low, this was presumably to defend any take-downs? Anyway, he had no success in his take-down defense - he was taken down in the first 30 seconds and had his face pounded in for 3 minutes before Couture tried to lock in an arm-triangle. He tapped in the 1st round. Dana White has said that his career in the UFC is over. I only hope that the next time a boxer steps into the Octagon, he is in his prime - boxers like the Klitschko brothers or Haye.

Main event: was a bit of a dull fight but, my God, did Edgar show B.J up or what?! There is no doubt, now, that Edgar is the true lightweight champion and the greatest Lightweight in the world right now. B.J was outclassed for twenty-five minutes, was hit by some big shots multiple times and was taken down on numerous occasions - something that hasn't happened much in the last eight years!
In the end, B.J showed respect to Edgar and the night ended with Dana stating Penn's future is uncertain at the moment.

118 has also unveiled Shaquille O'Neal's desire to compete in MMA. Big Shaq said that he'd much like to fight Hong Man Choi in an MMA bout and does not want to fight anyone that isn't of similar size to him. Interesting.

That's all for 118, a similar card to the previous two - where champions have been exposed for their true talent.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

How will Couture/Toney end?

This is an interesting bout and I can only see one way for it to end; Couture with his hand raised. I think that Toney is just way too old and his cardio is just in a way worse condition than Couture's is. He's never fought of his back, with this in mind, Couture's strong point is his wrestling and ground and pound.

Round 1:
The two touch gloves and couture goes for a double leg takedown. He gets the take down and moves into sideguard where he will ground and pound Toney with knees and elbows. He will then move into mount where he will try to get a TKO but Toney will roll onto his back. Couture will then go for a rear-naked that he will get to make Toney tap out or it may be too late and the fight will go into the second round. If the fight goes into the second, Couture will get a quick TKO victory on the ground.

My prediction may seem a little lopsided and farfetched, but if your watching the event - don't forget I said it. I'm just interested to see what match-up the Dana White will give to Toney if he DOES win. My odds are 8/10 to Couture.

Friday, 27 August 2010

James Toney - Scared to face the truth or truly confident?

UFC 118

UFC 118: Penn v Edgar II Predictions

118 is, by no doubt, this years most interesting in terms of BJ Penn's legacy; after the great upset earlier this year, Penn will be looking to hit back and reclaim his title as well as prove himself as the definite #1 lightweight in MMA. I will be expecting an invigorated B.J that will regain his title decisively.

We've also got the defining moment in MMA history, when boxings James Toney goes head to head against the MMA legend Randy Couture - this is definitely a match-up to go down in the books no matter which way it sways and will determine what people think of either sport in question. I'm not sure what to expect of this fight, on the card it may seem as though Couture is a definite winner - with his superior wrestling advantage, although no-body has any idea of what improvement Toney has made in his MMA game over the past few months.

This card will also see the first time Demian Maia gets back into the Octogon after the embarassing defeat to Anderson Silva. Maia will be looking to get a swift submission win to prove his contender ship in the Middleweight division. I'm expecting Maia to get a decision win, he has definitely lost some momentum from the two losses that he's had in the past three fights.

Stay tuned for uploads of the fights!