Friday, 15 October 2010

Dana White developments...

The president of the UFC, Dana White, has made his long awaited appearances as we draw closer to UFC 120. White has explained his absence at the post UFC 119 Press Conference, explaining that the night on a whole was a disappointment - also highlighting that the main event, which hosted Frank Mir and Mirko Crocop, was the worst of the night. Dana expressed his disappointment by describing UFC 120 as even more upsetting than the Anderson Silva UFC 112 Abu Dhabi upset. Dana later made a speech in the Oxford hall and is preparing for tomorrow night's event. Pumped to see what's going to go down!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

UFC 123

Recently Dana White officially released the card for UFC 123, the event that will host Rampage Jackson's and Lyoto Machida's return to the Octagon after their previous losses.
Here's a look at the card:

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida

Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn

Maiquel Falcao vs. Gerald Harris

Tim Boetsch vs. Phil Davis

Joe Lauzon vs. George Sotiropoulos

Friday, 8 October 2010

Anderson Silva's thoughts on Sonnen...

Moving forward a few months from Anderson Silva's shock performance at UFC 117, the Middleweight champion has made several new remarks about his then opponent, Chael Sonnen, a man who is now tackling a series of fines for being tested positive for the use of Anabolic Steroids. Silva describes Sonnen as an athlete, just as he is, and states that he does not care what Sonnen does but in regards to his fighting capabilities - Silva says that Sonnen does not deserve a rematch due to his mono-level approach to their previous fight, during which Sonnen lay ontop of Silva for 5 straight rounds. Whatever is said, a rematch is imminent, nothing can change the outcomes of the past but either fighter can redeem themselves for their disappointing performances.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Fedor emelianenko finished with STRIKEFORCE...

That's after 2011. News from Fedor's management has told us that the fighter plans to leave Strikeforce completely after 2011, he currently has two more fights on his contract... this new reveal may be the first step towards his entry into the UFC, oh we can only dream...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Alright, bro's, I'm back!

...and, boy, we're only around the corner from UFC 120 Bisping vs Akiyama, with Bisping, Kongo, Hathaway and Hardy fighting we're almost guaranteed to see two knockouts, if not more. Shortly after 120 we'll be seated and ready to go as 121 gets on course, possibly one of the most exciting cards in the most recent years of the UFC's Heavyweight division as Cain Valasquez takes on Brock Lesnar.

In other parts of the MMA world, aren't we all aching to see Overeem hit the octagon? I mean, the guy's a beast, his physique and fitness is outstanding, his striking abilities are by far superior to 90% of the UFC's heavyweight divison and the guy has more fighting experience than almost any other fighter in the world! In my book, if Fedor isn't the #1 heavyweight in the world, Overeem is.

On the topic of Fedor, his management are, once again, being the cock-ups of the MMA business. They're Fedor's biggest nuthuggers and are determined to maintain all ownership of the great Russian, despite the fact his movement to the UFC would draw ten times more cash than a bout with Strikeforce would.

Also, Jose Aldo is looking to secure his place as the #1 lightweight in the world. After Aldo completely tore apart Faber, a man many believed to be one of the top pound for pound mixed martial artists, his confidence has solidified and the featherweight is looking for entry into the UFC in the near future where he will move up a few pounds and compete for the lighwight belt.

More news soon...

Sunday, 29 August 2010

What a night!

A night full of surprises, I'll only focus on the bigger matches -

Kenny Florian loses by decision to Maynard? Did not expect that, Florian looked great coming into this fight and has always shown dominance in his previous bouts, I've got no idea how he managed to lose this one. Maynard will be getting a title shot against Edgar later this year.

Toney v Couture was almost exactly how I and millions others predicted; takedown, ground and pound and then a submission. Toney began with a low boxers stance and had his arms relatively low, this was presumably to defend any take-downs? Anyway, he had no success in his take-down defense - he was taken down in the first 30 seconds and had his face pounded in for 3 minutes before Couture tried to lock in an arm-triangle. He tapped in the 1st round. Dana White has said that his career in the UFC is over. I only hope that the next time a boxer steps into the Octagon, he is in his prime - boxers like the Klitschko brothers or Haye.

Main event: was a bit of a dull fight but, my God, did Edgar show B.J up or what?! There is no doubt, now, that Edgar is the true lightweight champion and the greatest Lightweight in the world right now. B.J was outclassed for twenty-five minutes, was hit by some big shots multiple times and was taken down on numerous occasions - something that hasn't happened much in the last eight years!
In the end, B.J showed respect to Edgar and the night ended with Dana stating Penn's future is uncertain at the moment.

118 has also unveiled Shaquille O'Neal's desire to compete in MMA. Big Shaq said that he'd much like to fight Hong Man Choi in an MMA bout and does not want to fight anyone that isn't of similar size to him. Interesting.

That's all for 118, a similar card to the previous two - where champions have been exposed for their true talent.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

How will Couture/Toney end?

This is an interesting bout and I can only see one way for it to end; Couture with his hand raised. I think that Toney is just way too old and his cardio is just in a way worse condition than Couture's is. He's never fought of his back, with this in mind, Couture's strong point is his wrestling and ground and pound.

Round 1:
The two touch gloves and couture goes for a double leg takedown. He gets the take down and moves into sideguard where he will ground and pound Toney with knees and elbows. He will then move into mount where he will try to get a TKO but Toney will roll onto his back. Couture will then go for a rear-naked that he will get to make Toney tap out or it may be too late and the fight will go into the second round. If the fight goes into the second, Couture will get a quick TKO victory on the ground.

My prediction may seem a little lopsided and farfetched, but if your watching the event - don't forget I said it. I'm just interested to see what match-up the Dana White will give to Toney if he DOES win. My odds are 8/10 to Couture.